@manton Not sure if bug or feature: If I post a reply from my own blog and include in-reply-to and an @ name, then it creates two posts. The one with the in-reply-to joins the conversation the other is standalone.

@dshanske quick question about post kinds, is there anyway to disable the visual info of a reply from showing up in the feed? I like how it looks on my blog but don't need it to show on micro.blog

My mission today is to stop tweets showing up as links. @manton if I let micro.blog syndicate then Bridgy handles webmentions for replies, right?

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Oh the anguish when you accidentally delete a device from Harmony and can't find the original remote. Worse still I remember holding it last week and smugly thinking "I'll never need you again"

I thought it'd be a great idea to continue watching Jessica Jones during my morning commute, then discovered that Netflix doesn't allow downloads of Marvel shows 😢

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@aaronpk has to be my environment. JSON was ok on MacOS server (Apache) then today I set up fresh on my live Ubuntu 16 box, using Nginx and PHP7.1-fpm there there must be some dependency missing. Will have to call it a night and continue the hunt for my white whale tomorrow!

@dgold It looks like that wasn't actually the problem and that everything is working fine with Watchtower and Aperture except json feeds - they just won't update 🤷‍♂️ /cc @aaronpk